Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking To Sell Items On NAUGHTYBIDS. COM

I used to sell my big cum loads and underwear on NAUGHTYBIDS .COM a few years back. I definitely got off on the excitement of doing those auctions so I've decided to get back there in the near future. I've been selling porno DVDs on there for a while but now plan on branching out to include personal items as well. You should all know that Naughtybids has been bought out by a company that is quite rigid about what sellers can put up on their auctions so I thought I'd just put that out as a way of warning peeps what to look out for. I'll use this blog as a way to communicate with you all in a more uncensored fashion. So as soon as I get it together, I'll start putting up my personal items for auction. Please look for me in the near future on www.naughtybids.com.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


When I first started busting nutloads, I liked watching all that juice spurt out of my big dick, but I didn't know that I shot off more cum than most other guys. One time I was staying over one of my cousin's places, and we were comparing sizes and shyt. That always got me worked up. I was about 15 years old and liked showing off my package. My cousin's dick was good sized, and we were jerking to some pussy porn. He thought it would be kool if we tried to see who could shoot off the biggest nut. We jerked off for about a half hour and my dick was getting so hard and throbbing, I thought it would bust for sure. But my cousin kept telling me to slow down and make it last. Well, that made the nutload in my balls want to shoot out even harder. Finally I couldn't hold it back any more, and let loose a huge fucking nut all over the floor of my cousin's bedroom. It was a lot of nut juice, and it squirted out of my dick like a firehose with a lot of force and at a distance. My cousin just said, "holy shyt", and then let one go himself, mixing our nutloads together on the floor. Fuck, that was a lot of sperm that got that floor wet. We both started checking it out, picking it up in our fingers and seeing how thick it was. My cousin said that the next time he wanted me to bust off on his stomach and chest. I told him I would be glad to. He said that I popped bigger loads than any guy he ever saw. I just smiled and told him that I could do it any time he wanted to see it. So after that we started to get together more often to compare nutloads. He was as horny as I was, and we had a kool time together playing with our dicks.


I can remember when I was about 13 years old, I was able to bend over and take the head of my big dick right in my mouth. It felt great to lick the hole at the end of my dick and slurp up the precum that came out of there. I also could swirl my tongue around the head of my dick too, licking the back side of it which was real sensitive. After I realized I could really suck all the head of my dick, I just went for it and decided I wanted to try and bust off a big nut in my own mouth. So after about a half hour of heavy sucking one morning, I got a really big flood of cum in my mouth. I never had tasted that much of my load before, and I thought it tasted really great and pretty sexy from that time on I sucked myself off all the time. I wanted to show off in front of my brother, but that didn't happen until later.


I guess I was about 9 or 10 years old when I knew my dick was bigger than other guys. I was like other guys & I experimenting with friends & shyt, jerking off & checking each other out. All my friends said I had the biggest they ever saw. I guess it was about 6 inches hard & real thick. I also matured early & was able to bust a nut when I was 11. Some buddies liked to watch the white stuff shoot out of my big dick & I thought it was cool too because no one else could do what I could do. My dick just kept on growing through middle school and then high school. There's only one other guy I knew from my high school time who had a dick bigger than mine. We would get together & compare sizes once in a while. I always got off on the attention & still do.

I was about 11 years old and just found out I was able to bust a nut maybe a few months before this family wedding. My dick was about 6 inches long and pretty thick at that age. I was dancing with one of my girl cousins,maybe a 3rd or 4th cousin, during the wedding reception at a hotel. She was about 15 or 16 and we were really having fun tearing up the dance floor. During the slow dances I could feel myself getting a hard-on being so close to her body. She started kissing my neck a little bit and then suggested that we go some place to be alone. So she grabbed my hand and took me off

down a long corridor near where the public restrooms were. She kept opening doors along the hall looking for a room that was empty. We finally found a linen closet and she pulled me in there,closed the door and started kissing me like crazy,tongue and all in my mouth. My dick was so hard in my pants and I was so excited, I tried to take tear off her clothes. She did the same with me. When she grabbed my dick,it was real wet with precum and she started to rub it on the outside of her pussy. Then she just shoved it right into her. I was so horny I knew I would bust right away if she moved too much. I started to fuck her real slowly, and after about ten thrusts, I couldn't hold off, so pulled it out of her, and busted a huge nut all over her stomach and bush. Some of my nut juice got on my pants and her dress. I guess I lasted about a minute of two once I got in her. She started to laugh, but I was really embarressed and didn't know what to say. She kissed me on the lips and said we should clean up. Luckily the bathrooms were really close to that linen closet. When I went into the bathroom, I could see some cum stains on my black pants. I did my best to try to clean them, but there was still this real big wet stain on the front of my pants. For the rest of the wedding I just sat down trying to hide the stains and hoping they would dry by the time I had to go home. But now I knew what it was like to fuck a girl, and I remember thinking how great it felt, and how proud I was of myself. When I see my cousin at family events, she always gives me a little wink & a hug. I smile back at her & will always remember my first time.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm starting this blog to have a chance to talk about my life and experiences as a guy who has a huge dick...10 inches to be exact. I know many of you are members of my Yahoo Group, Tony's Big Dick Club, and so I thought it would be cool and sexually a turn on to start this blog and talk about my experiences.